Same Day Inspection Reports

Lead Inspection Compliance

The importance of lead inspections for older homes, built before 1978, is to ensure that they are safe according to today’s standards. The presence of lead paint is very dangerous and can lead to possible lead poisoning. If you have children in your family, they are especially susceptible. At M & M Lead Inspectional Services, Inc., we provide thorough lead inspection services and offer same day results. We will be happy to issue a report on our findings right after the inspection.

Urgent lead hazards that may be included in your report may include:

  • Windows with shedding lead paint
  • Dust that contains high lead levels
  • Peeling, loose, or chipped paint
  • Structural defects causing paint to peel

Our company is dedicated to helping you rest easier knowing that your home is free of lead paint or provide insight regarding what is needed to get rid of it. Please contact us at 978-809-1064 to request more information. about our inspections.

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